Criminal Sexual Contact v. Sexual Assault in New Jersey

In New Jersey, criminal sexual contact and sexual assault are similar crimes because both result when two people with a particular relationship or age difference engage in a sexually prohibited act.  The statutory guidelines which set out the age difference and particular relationship required are relatively similar in both crimes.  For example, both crimes can be charged when certain sexual conduct takes place between a child between the ages of 13 and 16-years-old and an adult at least four years older.  However, where the two crimes really diverge is in the type of sexual conduct required for a charge.  Sexual assault requires sexual penetration for a charge, but criminal sexual contact only requires a sexual contact.

In New Jersey, sexual contact is an intentional touching (under or over clothing) of a person’s sexual organs, genital area, anal area, inner thigh, groin, butt or breast, committed with the purpose of degrading the victim or sexually arousing the toucher.  Sexual contact can also occur if the actor touches himself while the victim is watching.  Sexual penetration means vaginal intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal intercourse, and insertion of the hand, finger or object into the anus or vagina.  It does not matter how deep the penetration is.  A little is enough.  Thus, in sum, sexual assault requires that the parties engage in heavier sexual conduct in order for a charge to result, whereas criminal sexual conduct may result simply from a sexual rubbing over the clothes.

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