The Wide Reach of New Jersey Prostitution Law

Prostitution and solicitation operate as the same crime in New Jersey so that a person offering sexual services for money will be charged with the same offense as the person soliciting them.  However, there are other charges that often stem from crimes involving prostitution and one of those charges is known as promoting or facilitating prostitution.  This crime covers a wide range of activity because it relates to any action taken in which the purpose is for two people to engage in prostitution.  For example, pimping, promoting prostitution, soliciting a person to patronize a prostitute, procuring a prostitute for someone else, taking someone somewhere to commit prostitution or even allowing your home to be used for illicit sex are all considered offenses under this act.

The most extreme example of all of these would be pimping, but you don’t have to be a full blown pimp to be charged under this law.  However, for an example of pimping in New Jersey, consider a recent case that illustrates the more extreme version of promoting prostitution.  A man in Atlantic City was recently arrested on charges of prostitution after he admitted to operating a prostitution ring in and acting as a pimp.  He admitted to setting up the activities of his prostitutes and taking money that they made from their sexual encounters.  He also took photos of the girls and posted them on craigslist in order to advertise his prostitution ring.  In this particular case, the girls turned out to be minors and the defendant had transported them across state lines.  However, these facts aside, the act of pimping in New Jersey by itself is a disorderly person’s offense and considered no different penalty wise from driving a friend to meet a prostitute on the night of his bachelor party.

New Jersey Sex Crime Lawyer – Anthony N. Palumbo