Negotiating a Plea Deal for Woodbridge Criminal Sexual Contact Charges

In New Jersey plea bargains are permitted in sex crime cases.  In some states, this is not allowed and a person’criminal sexual contact.  A plea bargain is a bargain between the prosecution and the defense in which the prosecution agrees to give the defendant a smaller sentence in exchange for an ims attorney cannot negotiate for lesser penalties when defending crimes such as sexual assault or mediate guilty plea.  For example, consider a recent criminal sexual contact case in Woodbridge that was resolved with a plea bargain.  The defendant in the case was a 27-year-old teacher who had been charged with criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child after he touched a 14-year-old student in his van.  Criminal sexual contact is a third-degree crime that carries penalties of 3 to 5 years in prison on conviction, but in this case a plea bargain was negotiated and the defendant pled guilty in exchange for 364 days in prison, one day shy of a full year sentence.

Ideally, an attorney wants to eliminate prison time completely for his client however a reduction from a potential five year prison sentence to one year in prison has its benefits.  There are many factors that come into play when negotiating a plea bargain including the strength of possible defenses that could be raised by the defense.  For example, if the police made some kind of error during the arrest, but the violation is not strong enough to keep the evidence out of court, it may still be brought up as a factor in plea deal negotiation.  Plea deals are life changing decisions so it is important to hire an experienced attorney that you trust.  The more experience an attorney has the more accurate his perception of the potential outcome of a trial will be, particularly when he’s worked in the area for a long time and knows the local judges and prosecutors.  Also, when choosing the plea deal, it eliminates a lot of stress for the client because he does not have to sit through a trial wondering whether he will be convicted of 5 years in prison when it’s over.