Morris County Man Charged with Criminal Sexual Contact

New Jersey Sex Crime Defense Lawyer – Anthony N. Palumbo

A New Jersey man from Mountain Lakes was arrested and charged with the third-degree crime of criminal sexual contact for his alleged conduct while giving a tennis lesson to a juvenile.  Although the defendant is a member of the tennis club and not an instructor, allegations suggest that he touched a fourteen-year-old girl while instructing her during a tennis lesson.  Criminal sexual contact is a charge that results from an illegal sexual touching that does not go far enough to be considered sexual penetration.  Sexual penetration is an element of the crime of sexual assault which is a second-degree crime.  When there is only touching involved in the illegal sexual act, the charge is third-degree criminal sexual contact.  A second-degree crime in New Jersey carries penalties of five to ten years in prison while a third-degree crime carries penalties of three to five years in prison.  A conviction of a sex crime in New Jersey often results in enrollment under Megan’s Law, New Jersey’s sex offender registration.