Bergen County man charged with Sexual Assault

In a recent case, a local Bergen County man was charged with the sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a young girl.  He was subsequently placed in jail with bail set at $325,000, an extremely large sum.  If convicted the man could easily face up to ten years in prison, away from his family.  As a New Jersey sex crime attorney, one aspect of defense I am very successful with is achieving bail reduction for my clients so that they can spend time at home with their families until the resolution of the case.

Although sex crime charges are harrowing, by showing that the arrested individual is not a flight risk, I am often able to reduce bail even in the face of extremely severe charges.  For example, I have been able to reduce bail amounts in sex crimes cases by demonstrating that the arrested individual has solid ties in the community, a job, and a family that he is not about to abandon.  Each individual has unique ties to their surrounding community which if presented before a judge in the proper light can have a huge impact on the amount of bail set.