Union County Sex Crime Lawyer – Child Porn Distribution

The Union County Prosecutor’s Office held a forum on “revenge porn” last month, drawing attention to the growing trend of school-age students sharing nude photographs of each other for malicious purposes. Although similar to “sexting,” revenge porn involves an intent on the part of the offender to embarrass or humiliate their target, who is often an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.


Incidents of revenge porn can result in charges for a number of different criminal offenses. Sharing nude pictures of a minor would constitute child pornography distribution, for example, regardless of whether the offender was also a minor and regardless of whether the images were intended to be shared for pornographic purposes.


Representatives from the prosecutor’s office, however, stated that they try to avoid prosecution entirely for offenses committed by minors when the images are shared with only a small number of people, and even in more serious cases they limit the charges to harassment. While the penalties for child pornography crimes are quite severe—up to 10 years incarceration and up to $250,000 in fines—harassment is generally classified as a disorderly persons offenses and the penalties are limited to no more than 6 months in prison and $1,000 in fines.


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Recent changes to New Jersey’s child sexual abuse and child pornography laws

A bill enacted this summer makes significant changes to New Jersey’s child sexual abuse and child pornography laws. The new provisions clarify the law, update it to apply to a broader range of technologies, and expand the penalties for child sexual abuse and exploitation, bringing it more into line with federal law.


Key provisions in the new law include the following:

  • Minors up to the age of 18 are now protected from sexual abuse and exploitation under the child endangerment statute. Previously, the statute only protected minors up to the age of 16.
  • Updated definitions and terminology have been incorporated into the child sexual abuse and child pornography statutes to better address digital technology and to prevent offenders from using new technology to exploit loopholes in the law.
  • The legislation expands the scope of criminal liability for child pornography possession, distribution, and production offenses. Some offenses have been upgraded and subject to harsher penalties, while other offenses are now subject to mandatory minimum sentences.
  • The law also adds a provision to Megan’s Law authorizing special lifetime parole supervision for child pornography offenders, and it makes these offenses ineligible for expungement.


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