26 year old religious studies instructor charged with sexually assaulting 17 year old in Middlesex County

A 26 year old Brooklyn man who volunteered as a Islamic studies instructor at the Al-Minhaal Academy in South Plainfield was  recently arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl. The suspect, who stopped working at the academy in June, is being held at the Middlesex County Jail in lieu of $200,000 bail.


Sexual assault is a second degree crime in New Jersey and is punishable by 5 to 10 years in prison, severe fines, and possible inclusion in the state sex offender registry, depending on the severity of the crime. If the man in this case had supervisory authority over the girl as part of his job as a religious instruction, his offense could be upgraded to first degree aggravated sexual assault, which carries penalties of up to 20 years in jail and requires lifetime registration as a sex offender.


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