Man Convicted of Attempted Sexual Assault in Newark, Essex County

A Newark Man was convicted after he attempted to lure an Undercover Cop he thought was a 12 Year Old Girl.

Local News reports a Newark man was convicted in Essex County of attempted sexual assault with who he thought was a 12-year-old girl he lured on the Internet and who he drove to meet at a Woodland Park store parking lot.  The Nigerian native was found guilty of luring, attempted sexual assault and attempted child endangerment by a jury. He faces as much as 30 years in state prison.

Because of the nature of the conviction, the man in this case will likely have to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law in New Jersey. An attempt to commit sexual assault of a child under 16 will place a convicted individual on Megan’s law if the conduct was characterized by a pattern of repetitive, compulsive behavior.  Here, the circumstances indicate such a pattern of behavior through defendant’s repetitive use of the internet to solicit.

In New Jersey, Megan’s law sex offender registry requires convicted sex offenders to provide information to the local community about what they look like, where they live, their past crimes, and even the vehicle they drive so the community can be aware of their presence.  Offenders are designated tiers based on the severity of their actions.  A person may be ranked as Tier 1 (low risk), Tier 2 (moderate risk), or Tier 3 (high risk offender).  The risk assessment refers to the likelihood that the individual will commit another similar crime.  An experienced Essex County Sex Crime Defense Attorney can fight for the rights of a convicted individual to help lower their tier designation at status conference meetings.

A skilled defense attorney can help reduce one’s Megan’s Law sex offender tier designation.  I, Anthony N. Palumbo, a New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer, understand the workings of the law and can properly defend accused persons in sexual assault offenses as well as those who have been convicted.  Visit my website, for more information on New Jersey Crimes Against Children Lawyer. I have been defending individuals against sexual assault charges, including those involving minors, in New Jersey for almost four decades.  As a longstanding member of the legal community, a former prosecutor, and a current public defender, I can give you an honest assessment of the penalties you face and the best possible avenues of relief.  If you would like to discuss your case, freely and confidentially, with an experienced attorney at no obligation, contact me at 1-866-664-8118 for a free consultation.